Maglificio Gottardi is an historical knitwear company founded in 1979 from Giorgio Gottardi and his sons.
Family property for three generations, Maglificio Gottardi designs and creates, on behalf of third parties, collections of prestigious knitwear names in international distribution.
Born as a workshop for knitwear production, after a long and developed experience in textile industry, the company has evolved, transformed and consolidated thanks to the efforts, sacrifices and searching made by the Gottardi family with overall dedication.
Research and innovation meet quality, traditional know-how and professionalism gradually bringing this small family business to an international identification.



Our products are entirely designed, manufactured and packed in Italy. This makes us proud and privileged, since we represent one of the few still existing manufacturers of authentic Made in Italy.
Gottardi knitwear has always deeply believed in combining tradition and innovation.
Since 1979 until now knitwear passion has been handed down through the generations, preserving product quality and working discipline, enhanced by everlasting search for avant-garde methods and styles, together with continuous innovation.
We are convinced that the future belongs to those who appreciate Italian craftsmanship, firmly believing in the quality of the original “Made in Italy”.


Maglificio Gottardi can offer the realization of all kind of knitwear, from 3 gauge to 14 gauge, for woman and man:
• Intarsia, jacquard, trama, seamless garments
• Plain and Fancy yarn, stuctured pattern or simple basic styles
• Use of delicate fiber like silk, viscose, cashmere
• Latest novelties like sustainable and recycle materials

We do continuous research to stay up to date with latest novelties in yarn research, knitting techniques, and new style and shapes.
We do follow all the steps and processes starting from yarn research and selection, to first prototype realization , then knitting, seaming and ironing to the final garment ready to be shipped to the client.

Our goal is to satisfy customers by offering them high quality products at fair prices, constantly respecting delivery times and sustainable processes, which are getting increasingly required and valued.


Maglificio Gottardi follow the whole production from sourching materials to
shipment always in attention of high standard of quality.
Maglificio Gottardi is structured to realize production starting from a sketch to a prototype, can help and support client in their creation process by:

- Proposing them the own knitwear collection in order to give them

- Collaborate developing their sketches and proposing them best yarn to
develop the styles staying on their wholesale target.

- Developing their sketches with the yarn they want and giving them just the best quote possible.



The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) concerns a textile production certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles. 

The Recycled Claim Standard guarantees:
- Products containing at least 5% pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled material
- Manufacturing activities and processes through which recycled material is used to create intermediate products or finished products intended for the consumer, which use management models and procedures that comply with the established requirements.


The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a standard for tracking and verifying the content of organic materials in a final product and ensures that minimum 5% of the fabric is made of organic material. 

The Organic Content Standard guarantees:
- Textile products containing at least 5% certified organic natural fibres;
- Textile manufacturing activities and processes, starting from ginning, spinning, weaving and all subsequent finishing processes, which use management models and procedures that comply with the established requirements.


We are always and constatly looking for innovations and certification in yarn and processes, moving to a lower impact productions.
The entire production chain is consciously followed by the entire team to ensure the best quality and the service standards.



We never stop, we are always available to open new market and develop new synergies  with new customers.
Contact us and let's plan a meeting together to meet each other.